and calligraphy is beautiful as it contains subtle inconsistencies that give the lettering a personality and life of its own. By having a calligrapher address your envelopes you will make your invitations stand out, and your guests feel special. The envelope will set the tone for your wedding.

Choose from a variety of formal and informal scripts to personalize your envelope. Beautiful invitations should be complimented with beautiful envelopes.

About Ann

Ann Vollum brings her experience as an art director and artist to her calligraphy. Her clients appreciate the high level of service she gives them and her eye for detail. She can help you with your design or layout issues. Her organizational skills ensure that projects always run smoothly. If you need help managing your guest list or have etiquette questions she will answer them and advise you as to the correct form of address. Many clients have found this an invaluable service. Jobs are always finished on time and are carefully packaged. Ann's calligraphy always brings compliments from the guests. She started Ann Vollum Calligraphy in 2003 and has done work for both corporate and private clients. Ann is a member of the New York City Society of Scribes.

If you are interested in viewing Ann's art work please visit her blog at: http://beasties.tumblr.com.


Please contact Ann with any questions and with details for a quote. A hand written sample is available on request.

email: annvollum@verizon.net
telephone: 973 762 3343